What To Expect From Your Agency: Service


Nothing is more distressing as an agency CEO than when other agencies’ service standards are so low that they reflect badly on the rest of the PR/Communication firms in their market. All agencies suffer when clients aren’t served well.   In the last week, I’ve had four conversations with companies looking to switch PR firms if…

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What LinkedIn and The Wall Street Journal Have In Common

LInkedIn and WSJ Reporters Both Deliver Audience

The Wall Street Journal is, in media relations world, the holy grail. A neutral-to-positive story on B1 delivers instant awareness among an incredibly tight audience of highly relevant professionals – competitors, investors, and potential investors, partners and market makers – to any business. Back in the day (ok, last Tuesday) when we asked prospective clients…

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Signing Off in a World That’s Always On

By Lyndsey Besser We’ve heard it all before, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Without it, you’ll burn out and be of no use to yourself, your employer or your clients. But what does that actually look like in a 24/7 news-driven industry like public relations? How do you make sure you sign…

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Media Relations: No Swiping Left or Right

By Tricia Denci When building relationships with the media there is no app or easy swiping left or right on your phone to automate the process and allow you to become a resource for media. You have to slowly build a connection and trust based on a common interest. Then this connection can grow into…

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