What’s In vs Out in 2024, According to our Wine & Spirits Team

A wine glass and wine bottle sit on a table.

By Alexis Karis As the wine industry comes off a very busy, celebratory holiday season, 2024 ushers in a predictable “lull” during Dry January, when many oenophiles abstain from drinking. This lull makes it a perfect time to reflect on what happened in the past year and, more importantly, consider what is ahead. Enter: the…

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Wine Tariffs and Wellness and Hard Seltzer, Oh My!

At Double Forte, we work hard to stay current with industry changes and trends so we can be of the best service to our clients. Our wine team recently attended the Wine Market Council’s Wine Data 2020 to hear the low down on 2019 wine trends and what to expect for 2020. Wine Tastes Are…

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