The Best Laid Plans


How is it already April? Not that we don’t like spring and baseball season, it’s just, wow, the pace at which we all work and live is intense! The start of a new quarter, especially the second quarter, however, is a great time to pause and reexamine your goals for the year.

What intentions did you set for your communcations program in 2017? Are you on track? Have you evaluated your KPIs to see if you are on pace to meet them? Now that you have 3 months under your belt, are they the right KPIs?

What programs have you moved forward and which ones have you not yet begun? Why is that? What can a quarter’s worth of activity tell you about where the easiest opportunities lie and where you need reinforcements to meet your goals?

Don’t wait to make changes. As the saying goes, a plan without action is just a wish waiting to happen. Now is the time to make sure you are taking the right actions.

And, to help you with your plans for the rest of the year, check out one of our favorite tools: the Double Forte Social Planner. Download your copy and take steps to communicate with intention and focus. [lab_subscriber_download_form download_id=6]