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The Rise of ChatGPT and Generative AI

“May occasionally generate incorrect information.”

“May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.”

“Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021.”

These are the three “warnings” shown to users before they can feed ChatGPT a prompt. Even with these limitations clearly outlined for users to heed, it didn’t stop a U.S. lawyer, Steven A. Schwartz, from relying on ChatGPT to find cases to include in a brief for a lawsuit he was preparing. Unfortunately, six cases produced by ChatGPT cited in the brief were nonexistent, and the documents included “bogus quotes and…internal citations.” 

Lesson: There is still a limit to AI’s intelligence.

If you haven’t already been inundated with the news about this “new” breakthrough technology, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot created by OpenAI that works in conjunction with a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT), a large language model, to produce human-like text and responses. 

Since ChatGPT’s public launch in November 2022, generative AI has taken over the news headlines (both good and bad) as companies decide how to best implement the tech for their workers to utilize.

Although there are a number of “dangers” associated with AI, it’s still on the rise (with no signs of slowing down) across almost every major industry, including PR.

In fact, “61% of PR professionals are already using AI in their daily tasks” according to Linda Zeiban, the director of communications at Muck Rack, a public relations management platform.

In online media, coverage amounted to almost 50,000 news articles about ChatGPT and generative AI. In fact, within the last year, “reporters were three times more likely to respond to pitches that included the term ‘generative AI,’” according to Axios’ insights from Propel. It’s safe to say that generative AI isn’t going away anytime soon. 

We share our viewpoint on ChatGPT and generative AI in our latest POV: The Future is Here: The Rise of ChatGPT and Generative AI.

ChatGPT is just the beginning and generative AI will only get more advanced as time goes on. 

How best will you incorporate it to ensure you’re not left behind?