Trend Report:

This is the final post inour Trend Report series.

As part of our work identifying the 5 consumer trends for “the next normal,” as we all learn to live amid COVID-19, we noticed some very significant behaviors in the health and wellness category that marketers should take note of. We know the pandemic has impacted our health, here’s how we expect that to play out:

  1. Together Alone Desperate for fresh air, outdoors, and exercise, people will embrace activities they can do alone or together with minimal interaction. Already we are seeing a resurgence in golf, hiking, walking, and biking. This trend will continue and extend to all racket sports like tennis, badminton, and pickleball.
  2. Tele-Everything Telehealth is another outtake of the pandemic that consumers want to keep. Where and when possible, consumers will opt for video and phone consultations over commuting and waiting rooms. We will also see more ongoing therapy and support move online.
  3. Optimal Health Sobered by the pandemic, and shaken by how much is truly out of their control, consumers will want to control that which they can and strive for optimal health. This will lead to an increased interest in health aides including fitness apps, home gym equipment, vitamins, and supplements.
  4. DIY Beauty While the Let Me Out & Lives will return, regularly and frequently, to salons, the Safe & Saves will seek advice and products to continue grooming from home. Even those who do get professional treatments will look to spread out visits and perform maintenance at home. DIY videos and tutorials, at home beauty kits, and house calls will all be in demand.

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