Why Don’t You Have a Podcast?!?


We’ve said it before and we will say it again, podcasts are the new black, the new blog, the newest way to connect with the people who matter most. Why? Because podcasts are personal, authentic, informative, and relevant. And for the listener, they are convenient. You can listen when you want – on your run, during your commute, even at your desk (with headphones, of course).
Podcast are popular. Listening is on the rise. According to Edison Research, podcast listening increased from 11% to 36%, representing 98 million people in 2016.

Podcasts are authority builders.They allow you to control your message, converse with other thought leaders and build links back to your website. Done right, podcasts are a core part of a content strategy.

We’re such big believers in the power of the podcast, that we have, not just one, but two. Focus Is your Friend: Double Down On the Marketing That Matters is where we talk to and with strategic marketing minds. And Everything Speaks is where we share advice, info and training to help young professionals launch and grow their careers.

Everything Speaks, which is produced from start to finish by our team, was featured on The Huffington Post this week as a rising popular podcast. I couldn’t be more proud of my team. Nor could I be more mystified why every company doesn’t host a podcast!!

Call us! We can help you go live and help you get heard and seen by the people who matter most to you. We know what it takes and why podcasts are quickly becoming essential for brands that are relevant in today’s crowded communications marketplace.