Clif Bar

Adventure Equity for the Long Run


Boston, 2013


As a sponsor of the Boston Marathon, CLIF Bar asked Double Forte how the company could generate adventure equity with long lasting impact on media and influencers.


In an effort to tell a uniquely CLIF branded nutrition story, we created the inaugural CLIF Bar BASE CAMP during the 2013 Boston Marathon. We partnered with Airbnb to create housing and a meeting spot for 30+ athletes, media and CLIF Bar employees during the iconic race. We provided unprecedented access to CLIF Bar for an insider’s view of company culture.

We also utilized professional Team CLIF Bar Athletes Scott Jurek and Stephanie Howe, as well as CLIF’s in-house nutritionist, to provide media participants with coaching and nutrition tips leading up to the marathon. Creating an intimate, behind-the-scenes experience allowed the brand to cut through the crowded marathon news cycle, and generate its own news in an authentic way.


Our team secured more than 100 million print impressions, including coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Running and Men’s Fitness. Another 60 million viewers were reached through a broadcast partnership with NBCUniversal and affiliates. The effort also generated more than 120 social posts and 1.3 million impressions using the hashtag #CLIFRunsBoston.


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