Rigoni di Asiago

The Challenge

In an effort to help build Rigoni di Asiago’s social media reach in the US with its most coveted target audience, millennials and moms, Double Forte created and executed a social media strategy designed to grow all platforms while building stronger engagement via influencer activations.


The Double Forte team took an important step back to understand the intersection between Rigoni di Asiago content and its desired audience in the US. With a critical audit in place, Double Forte took the social media reins relaunching Pinterest while building and managing hashtag libraries, video and photo assets and concepts for monthly content calendars. Our strategy also included building key relationships with on-brand influencers to establish strong relationships while driving user-generated content and partner giveaways.


Social platforms flourished with Instagram engagement garnering 4.7% growth in six months. Pinterest engagement grew 59% with a 118% increase in followers, and our relationships with key influencers paid off for Rigoni di Asiago, with more than 164 target ambassadors introduced to the brand through sample mailings and partnerships.


Rigoni di Asiago

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