Yeehaw! The Media Landscape Is the Wild West of PR

The ongoing evolution of the media, particularly earned media (stories you don’t pay for), has always been a given. Even so, we used to work with reliable assumptions we knew to be true.  “Used to” being the operative phrase! But after the last two and a half years, those reliable assumptions, like so many other things, have gone out the window.

Best practices on how to engage media on behalf of our clients have been completely upended by a changing, displaced workforce and a crowded, crisis-fueled, and frankly, somewhat depressing news cycle. Because of this, our industry is re-learning the best way forward. Conjecture is still largely at play, but given our own experiences these last several months, we’ve outlined where we think media relations is headed in 2023 and how you can best position your brand to operate in this  new frontier:

Download our latest POV: Yeehaw! The Media Landscape Is the Wild West of PR. Yeehaw_Wild West PR_POV 

And listen to Double Forte CEO Lee Caraher discuss the topic here: