Your Communications Checklist for 2021

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One of the many business lessons we will take away from 2020, is the importance of owning, not only the message, but also, the medium. As we shared in,  “Politics, A Pandemic and PR: A Communications Point of  View for Late 2020,”  it is more important than ever that you manage your brand and connect to your core audiences with intention, integrity, and relevance. And the best way to do that?  Own what you can own; control what you can control.

From press releases, to newsletters, to social channels, webinars, and podcasts, your owned channels are critical right now. Why? Because on your own channels you can control the message, craft your story, boost your SEO and create an archived public record. This is not only a smart strategy for the remainder of 2020, it will be critical in 2021 as well, because the one thing  we can be certain of is uncertainty.

So, while the election and the pandemic suck the energy out of the news cycle for the remainder of this year, use your energy preparing for a strong and purposeful 2021. To help you do that, we’ve developed a communications checklist to help you plan. Are you maximizing the  communications tools and strategies required to break through the noise and reach the people that matter most for your brand?

You can download the checklist here: Comm Planning 2021. And call us to help you add any of these important strategies to your marketing mix. We’re more than ready for 2021!