Four Strategies for Media Relations Success in December

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By: Catherine Bormann

The season of “Let’s circle back after the holidays” is in full swing. While that sounds appealing, in public relations, where timing is critical, postponing pitching until next year is a significant misstep. In fact, the holiday season offers a strategically timed opportunity for PR professionals to pitch current and future opportunities.  Here are four ways to make the most of this underrated pitching period.

1. Gather Data

According to Cision’s 2023 State of the Media Report, 68% of journalists said they wanted to receive data in the form of original research, such as trends and market data. December is an excellent time to gather and analyze industry data. Data-driven stories enhance your credibility as a thought leader and provide valuable content for news outlets looking for fresh perspectives. 

2. Make Predictions

Now that you have your data, it’s time for your brand to reflect and project. First, provide the media with newsworthy predictions and trends for the year ahead to establish your brand as an authority. Then, compose a compelling and customized pitch that includes a quote and infographic to convey your findings in a digestible format. For added impact, draft a dedicated blog or LinkedIn post focused on your newly sourced data. This allows for a more in-depth analysis of your projections.

2. Focus on Podcasts

The number of podcast listeners is predicted to increase from 383.7 million to over 500 million by 2024. Podcasts offer a direct channel for leaders to communicate their expertise and points of view with new audiences. Now is the time to get ahead of your competitors who will be trying to book podcasts in the new year. Tailor your pitches to fit the podcast format, offer compelling topics that align with the interests of hosts and their audiences, and create an attention grabbing podcast one sheet. 

4. Think Long Lead

Typically, hard news slows in December making it an optimal time to pitch feature stories. Given the state of the world and an election year looming in the not so distant future, features may be more difficult to secure than in years past. With this in mind, PR professionals can use this time to shift to long lead media opportunities to ensure brands remain top-of-mind when planning for the new year begins.

As the year draws to a close, don’t let December pass you by. Instead, recognize the opportunity to elevate your brand story and set the stage for media relations success in the upcoming year. Happy pitching!

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