5 Social Media Tips and Tools We Are Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for – mainly our inspiring clients and hardworking colleagues. But you knew that, right? So to keep it fresh around here, we thought we’d tell you what social media tips and tools we’re thankful for too.

  1. Polls on Instagram. It’s super easy! Once you take a photo on Instagram Stories, you click the top icon with the smiley face, then click poll. Then you can pick two things to chose from and watch your engagement rise.
  2. Well-planned content calendars. We’re sticklers for our calendars. Social media is a critical extension of your brand story and that story must be “written.” Our calendars allow us to plan the arc, the images, the medium, the budget – and we love them Let us know if you need help setting yours up.
  3. Podcasts. I mean, have you been paying attention at all?
  4. Manage filters. We’re also sticklers for style guides here at Double Forte, which means we’re intentional about which filters we use. That’s why we love the Manage Filters function on Instagram. You can access it by scrolling to the end of the filters after you choose your content and then reordering them so your brand approved filters are first and you can delete the unapproved filters too.
  5. Twitter Moments. If you’re addicted to your morning email from The Skimm, you’ll love  Twitter Moments – it’s like skimming all day. We stay current on the trends and breaking stories  by checking Twitter Moments. How else would we know Steph Curry had to wear a fanny pack?

Enjoy the holiday!