7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression


By Lee Caraher

You never get a second chance at a first impression. I don’t know who said it first, but that person hit the nail on head. When meeting someone new, take these 7 easy steps to make sure the next time you see that person you’re building NOT recovering from the first impression.

1) Shake hands with a strong, confident grip that’s parallel to the ground when introduced to someone new, or when you see someone you don’t see often. Never let your hand impersonate a dead fish during the shake.

2) Nervous? Stand up straight to hide your nerves! You’ll feel and look more confident.

3) Stand UP to greet someone new and to shake hands goodbye. Ladies, the days of just sitting there and extending your wrist are over. In business, standing up to shake hands is a sign of power.

4) Smile – for the love of God, look like someone who’d be fun to talk with. A smile and a laugh are the most powerful lasting impressions you can make the first time you meet someone.

5) Introduce yourself with your first and last name.

6) Hand your business card to the person. Never flick it across the table or extend it between two fingers like a Hollywood agent…even if you are a Hollywood agent. And if you’re meeting someone from Japan, China, or Korea – make sure you turn it around fully, so your name faces them and hold it by both corners using two hands and extend it to them.

7) Make eye contact with the person you’re meeting. It lets her/him know you are present, that you care to meet them and that you respect the introduction.

Look people in the eye. Always.