Brand Ambassador and Social Influencers – Are They The Same?

by Ani Comella

So you read the marketing trades and you know that when it comes to reach and engagement, social influencers are worth looking into. And then one of your industry peers tells you they’ve just run a successful brand ambassador campaign. “Uhuh,” you nod. You’ve read all bout that. But, wait?! Have you? Are brand ambassadors and social influencers the same thing? Not quite. Let us break it down for you. Here are three major differences between the two:

  1. Engagement
    1. Brand ambassadors establish long-term relationships with companies.
    2. Influencer gigs are usually more short term and tailored to a specific product or campaign.
  2. Role
    1. Brand ambassadors will sign a contract with a company binding them to certain obligations for an extended period. Often they are bound to only say positive things about the brand during the contract period.
    2. Influencers sign contracts too. But the ideal way to work with an influencer is to give them direction and let them communicate with their followers in their own authentic voice.
    3. Influencers are typically hired for specific campaigns, while ambassadors usually receive product or compensation on a regular basis.
  3. Relationship
    1. Influencers typically have larger followings and will post about brands and give their audience their honest opinions.
    2. Brand ambassadors serve as spokespeople for the brand and may have deeper knowledge on the company they work with.