Communications Trends to Watch for 2023

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After the last few years, trying to predict anything is a gamble, but what the heck? We’ll give it a try. Here are the communications trends we’re watching for 2023 along with our counsel for capitalizing on them.

Traditional Media Continues to Lose Traction, Owned Channels Gain Traction

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2022 only 9 percent of Americans relied solely on traditional media for news. What else are they relying on? Direct connections with brands and businesses. As more people move away from traditional media outlets, the importance of owned channels continues to grow. This means email campaigns, content marketing, and social media for connecting directly with your target audiences.

User-Generated Content is On the Rise

User-generated content (UGC) has become another powerful tool for brands to engage with customers. Some best practices for encouraging consumers to generate content on behalf of your brand include offering discounts or free products to customers who submit reviews or post photos of themselves using your products. Not only does UGC create brand affinity and drive customer loyalty, but it also creates fresh content – something all of our clients are seeking.

A Continued Interest in Influencer Marketing

We predict influencer marketing will remain a popular and effective marketing strategy in 2023 and we expect to see even more companies leveraging the power of influencers this year. Different than UGC, influencer-created content reaches a much larger following and typically results in higher engagement. As the number of influencers continues to grow, so too will marketing opportunities. The key for successful influencer marketing, in our experience, is building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the influencers that reach your target audience.

Data-Driven Insights Lead to Credibility

As the amount of data available to brands continues to grow, so does the need for marketing professionals to gleam actionable insights from that information. Data-driven communications not only help to track consumer behavior and therefore influence product, marketing and sales decisions, but it also helps traditional media craft compelling stories. We encourage our clients to analyze the data available to them on a quarterly basis. You could be sitting on a goldmine!

Diversity becomes a Communications Imperative

In 2022, most savvy businesses made a concerted effort to consider diversity and inclusion in all internal communications. In 2023, we expect to see brands do the same with external communications. Different than the trendy hashtags and social posts du jour that have peppered social media and advertising campaigns in recent years, in 2023, brands will make commitments to the issues that matter most to them. Your customers expect you to take a stand. So, what will it be?

Chatbots Will Rise but Never Rule

Chatbots are already making (and generating) headlines in the new year. Essentially, computer programs designed to simulate human conversation, they certainly have a place in customer service departments. Not pressing zero to speak to an operator when a bot can help you real-time is great. But when it comes to communications departments, we say steer clear. While it may be tempting to assign your next blog post to a bot – don’t! Nothing beats the authenticity of a human.