How to Engage with Bloggers


By Lily Discher

If you’re serious about getting your product into the hands, minds, and hearts of consumers, you have to get serious about getting your product into the hands and minds of bloggers, too. The best way to do that is to perfect the pitch.

Here are 5 tips when working with influencers.

  1. Build a smart list: You’ve already done the research on your target market, now it’s time to find your target bloggers. Don’t just reach out to random bloggers who have a decent shred of influence and followers. You’ve got to do the research about each blogger not only to better draft your pitch, but to ensure your product is something that they would actually be interested in. You exponentially increase your chances of getting their attention and a blog post when you do your homework.
  1. Incentivize the blogger: For most bloggers these days, blogging isn’t just for fun. The power of social media has made blogging a day job. Meaning: you’ve got to pay an influencer for their time and real estate if you are asking them to deliver a certain message at a certain time in a certain way. If you’re pitching them for an editorial spot, then give them product to review.
  1. Go for the AUTHENTIC experience: Offer a blogger more than just your product; up your game by offering them an experience. Be creative in crafting what you send to potential bloggers. Pair your product with other items or with suggestions that increase the social aspect of what your product brings. Encourage the blogger to share with family and friends. For example, if you want your blogger to try your delicious wine, send along some cheese, crackers and a movie and create a date night for them. If you want your blogger to try your new fitness gear, send two and encourage them to try it out for a month with a friend.
  1. Play by the rules: When engaging with the blogger, be very clear about the Fair Trade Commission’s guidelines regarding endorsements with the bloggers:
  • Bloggers are required to disclose the results/experiences consumers can generally expect and must make accurate claims about the product.
  • Payment/free products for bloggers/endorsers must be clearly disclosed in their posts.
  • Both the blogger/endorser and the company/advertiser are liable in following these guidelines.
  1. Make the call to action: Interested parties and bloggers should be able to easily and quickly identify how to connect with your company. You’re already starting on the wrong foot if a blogger has to search extensively for information on how to find your product. Make your pitch and contact information extremely simple, smooth and comprehensible.

As a last word of advice, share your brand personality with the blogger. If you expect them to get excited about your product, you better be excited yourself!

Meet Lily:

1. What’s your go-to lunch spot in Boston?

Pho Hoa, this Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown that is amazingly tasty and amazingly priced.

2. Are you a music fan? If so, favorite band?

I love music, I could never pick a favorite, but right now I’m really into The 1975, Fleetwood Mac and Wolf Alice.

3. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, of course.