LinkedIn: Love It, Learn It, Lean Into It


We are huge fans of LinkedIn here at Double Forte. It is a powerful communications platform that is too often underutilized. There are more than 350 million users worldwide and 40 percent of those users check LinkedIn daily. Learn to master LinkedIn and you can easily standout to peers, prospects, and potential employees.

To help you break out on LinkedIn, here are some tips for how best to use it.

Create a Strong Profile

  • Share. Post articles related to your business. Repost company blog posts. Keep your page relevant with new information at least monthly.
  • Complete your profile. A complete profile shows up more frequently in search results than an incomplete profile. For information on how to edit your profile click here.
  • Add volunteer work that showcases your interests outside the office.
  • Use a professional photo. No candids from the weekend with your bestie cut out.

Pay Attention To Your Company Page

  • Brand. Make sure your logo, company description and cover photo all match the rest of your marketing materials and messaging.
  • Create a hub. Think of LinkedIn as your company’s hub for all of your content. Share from the blog, the newsletter, and the podcast. Let your followers see what you are up to.
  • Engage. Posts that ask followers for input typically do well on LinkedIn. Ask your followers/prospects and customers to weigh in on topics. Like all of social media, LinkedIn isn’t a bulletin board. It’s a place to have conversations. So go ahead and start conversing!


LinkedIn has a publishing tool that lets you blog right in the platform. This is an excellent way to reach a professional audience with news and opinions.

  • Mimic Buzzfeed and Huffington Post style headlines for maximum visibility. Lists, how-tos and surprises play well.
  • Use photos, graphics, even video. Linkedin has made it easy to add any of these file forms into your post.
  • Remember your audience. People on LinkedIn are usually thinking about business. Trends and lessons are typically well received.

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