Four Highlights from Natural Products Expo West 2024

Four Highlights from Natural Products Expo West 2024

By Lauren Trieschmann

Last year we covered the top trends at Natural Products Expo West, an annual event that draws thousands of attendees from around the world looking to sell, buy, showcase, discover, and sample natural foods and other natural products. This year, we’re back to share highlights from the 2024 event, which hosted upwards of 67,000 attendees last month at Anaheim Convention Center with an estimated 3,300 companies exhibiting. Read on for our team’s standouts.  

1. Hydration for all palates

Some might wonder if we really need ready-to-drink water infused with everything from electrolytes and chlorophyll to bold and unique flavors. As an avid hydration enthusiast, however, this is a trend I can get behind. If you’re going to drink bottled or boxed water anyway, why not opt for a product with added health benefits or an added burst of flavor? Our favorites included the green-hued Chlorophyll Water – which reportedly has benefits ranging from improving one’s skin to detoxifying the body – and Waterloo’s flavored sparkling waters (the company recently debuted two limited-time flavors: Ginger Citrus Twist and Raspberry Nectarine). Popular canned water brand Liquid Death was also in attendance sampling its line of flavored sparkling waters, complete with colorful, eye-catching packaging.

2. Spice up your life (and your food)

It’s a good thing there was an abundance of water at Natural Products Expo West, because there was also a lot of heat. It was hard to miss this year’s impressive lineup of hot sauces, ranging from mild to flaming-hot (and even truffle-infused). Our team’s standouts were Zab’s, made with Florida-grown datil peppers, and Lola’s, whose Green Jalapeño & Serrano Hot Sauce we haven’t been able to stop eating since returning home. The real showstopper? Spicin Foods sampled its “Da Bomb” hot sauce, which was featured on “Hot Ones.”

3. Indulge your sweet tooth, naturally

We were thrilled to see (and, of course, taste) so many delicious desserts at this year’s event. The best part was knowing they were natural, ensuring we felt less guilty than we might be after consuming highly processed alternatives with long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. We especially loved Awake’s new chocolate flavors (chocolate + caffeine = a match made in heaven, at least in our book) and Katjes’ vegan-friendly gummy candies made without animal gelatin (a rarity when it comes to gummies).

4. All about the interactive

Finally, one of our favorite parts of Expo West 2024 had little to do with the products being sampled. Exhibitors went above and beyond with their booth displays this year, incorporating unique and memorable touches that generated buzz throughout the halls of Anaheim Convention Center. Double Forte client Torani elevated its booth this year with live caricature drawings and a vintage-inspired sticker vending machine. The best part? Attendees who received special “golden ticket” stickers from the machine at random won prizes throughout the week. Another must-see was Siete Foods, which transformed two sides of the exhibition hall walkway into a lively and colorful taqueria with an impressive selection of Mexican-inspired dishes. Last but not least, how could we forget the “free pickle rides” offered at the Grillo’s Pickles booth? Come for the infamous “Pickle de Gallo” and stay for a dill-licious taste of nostalgia.

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