Several Social Platforms Roll Out New Features


File this under news you can use: several of the major social platforms have undergone some changes recently and we’ve captured the key features for you here. What’s new:

Instagram: Instagram now offers you the ability to search stories. You can browse stories from the Explore tab using locations or hashtags. This opens up a whole new way of getting your content noticed.

Snap: Snap has just rolled out a new feature, called Custom Stories, which allows friends to create and contribute to the same stories. Users can choose to create stories with a select group of friends or they can use geofencing to choose contributors. This is a great feature for events – trade shows, conferences and launches and parties. Go ahead, give it a try – and invite us to join you. We’re at DoubleFortePR.

Pinterest: Pinterest is now allowing video ads to auto play in new places including the home page and within searches. This mean the user experience may change slightly. It’s also another reminder that videos get attention!

Facebook: Facebook just announced Live Chat with Friends and Live With. Live Chat with Friends gives users the option to interact only with their friends during a public broadcast. Live With lets you share a broadcast with another user- sort of a screen within a screen type of feature. This is a great way to interview someone who isn’t in the same location as you. Give it a try. We’ll go live with you.