Traditional Media, We Need to Have a Talk


By Lily Discher

While traditional media and big placements have a lot of cache in the PR/Marketing universe, you can’t always be sure that they will reach the right. Sometimes, as it happens, less really is more. Reaching for a smaller, but ultimately engaged and impassioned audience is going to move the needle for you. There are more channels that people are paying attention to that don’t fall under the “traditional media” models. Here are some tips for the brand or business that looks for value in the smaller, perhaps less sexy, media soapbox.

Extend your reach to as many platforms as possible… but pull back if you’re stretching it too thin, to the point where the quality is waning and the message wearing.

Blogging is a must and easy to push out. Blogging is a must and easy to push out. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s long-form blogging platform. A readership is just as valuable as a viewership (or a listener-ship: after all, podcasting might be the new black).

Owned Content lends itself well to trendjacking. Staying relevant and part of a larger conversation will help you stay in the search results. This also has the advantages of creating a good chance that a larger traditional media outlet will pick your content out of the crowd if they don’t have time to develop their own content on the matter or trend. Say something new and say it first.

Fear not the listicle: Don’t overdo it, but a listicle here and there, while not the most appealing format to content creators, is not a sin. Consumers are busy people; they value brevity As long as the content actually carries a relevant and quality message, the listicle can be just as useful to your brand as long-form journalism.

Lastly, combine content and text: Combine text with video, infographics, videos, etc. to really give your small-guy content depth and diversity. Consistently push the quality of your content and remember to always respond to comments, questions and concerns.

Your base may be smaller than the reach traditional media can afford, but it will build loyalty and devoted consumers will extend your reach through liking and sharing on their own platforms.
Pro-tip: Whichever platforms you using, (i.e. website, blog, social media, podcasts) make sure that sharing mechanisms and widgets are readily available.