Useful Tips for Sharing Samples with Media and Influencers

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By Alexis Karis

When working with consumer packaged goods (CPG), there’s a good chance your communications campaign will involve sharing your product with media or influencers. If you want your business to reach the people that matter most to you, getting your product in the hands of writers, journalists, influencers, celebrities, and tastemakers is often an ideal strategy. The goal of sharing your product is that the recipient will try it, and if they enjoy it, will share it with their own follower in an authentic way, thus providing your product much-needed exposure.

But getting your product into the hands of a tastemaker is much more than just shipping out a product. Below, we’ll share a few tips, tricks and considerations for your next shipment of samples to media and influencers.

Consider First: What is the goal of sharing this product?

Before jumping in to sending samples, consider what goals you have for these efforts. Are you introducing a new product or highlighting a partnership? Are you highlighting an upcoming holiday or building excitement for an event? Or are you simply trying to introduce your brand with media or influencers and encouraging them to share your product with their readers and followers?

Depending on what these goals are, you will need to tailor your project to ensure that your efforts will not be wasted.

Make a Plan

This might sound obvious but creating a well-thought-out plan is essential to make your project run smoothly. Be sure to assign responsibilities, create a timeline, create a budget, and compile all information and documents in one, easy-to-access place!

Determine what you’re sharing

This is another ‘obvious’ statement, but it is important to carefully consider what exactly you plan to send. Depending on your goals, this changes drastically. If you are simply trying to share your product with media and influencers, shipping it in a no-fuss box may be best. However, if you are trying to create an experience with your product, additional items can be added to complement your product. For example, if you are asking media to join a cocktail making class with your spirits brand, you may want to include customized barware or appropriate mixers for the recipient to utilize.

Customized Packaging Options

Once you’ve finalized what you’re sharing, determine the best vehicle for your samples. If you are simply trying to share your product, consider upgrading your traditional packaging with inexpensive customized touches, such as tissue paper, crinkle paper, and stickers. Adding these additional touches will make the package feel more personalized for the recipient.

If you are centering your samples around a theme, holiday, or are trying to create a full experience, consider a custom packaging supplier such as Packlane or Yebo Group. Depending on the supplier, you’ll have the option to create customized sizing and graphic designs for your box, which can help communicate your brand’s messaging and identity. If you are sending multiple types of products, this can be an ideal option as well because you can also create customized inserts to hold your products during transit. Just keep in mind that this option will take longer to execute and will require additional budget!

Plan Ahead for Printed Materials

It is highly recommended that with your sample shipment you include some kind of printed materials inside the package. When communicating with media and influencers especially, you’ll want the opportunity to tell your brand’s story, and a selection of well-designed and written documents will take your package to the next level. Use these documents to:

  • Tell a story
  • Create an experience for the recipient
  • Communicate brand messaging
  • Explain important information about the product and how to use it
  • Include social media handles for easy sharing
  • Ensure a cohesive look + feel

Bonus: Personalize the experience with hand-written notes if you are able.

These are just a few considerations you’ll need to take into account when sharing your product with media and influencers. Have additional questions about mailing samples? Reach out to our team to discuss more.