Welcome to the Never Normal

Calendar 2022 - color vector illustration. Week starts on Sunday

If 2020 was the new normal, and 2021 was the next normal, that must make 2022 the never normal. So how do we proceed? Instead of crawling across the finish line, we started the year limping out of the gate. If we can’t count on normal – at least not with any foreseeable or predictable timetable, if we’re already tired yet we’ve only just begun, what’s the way forward?

Here’s our roadmap at Double Forte:

We’re planning ahead – but only a short distance. Sure, annual goals matter – and we have them. But it’s the quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week plan we’re working. We’re moving ahead by balancing optimism with realism, conviction with uncertainty, speed with steadfastness.

We’ve got a Plan A and B, and C. We know that flexibility and resilience are the name of this game and we’re making sure everything we do for our clients has those two ingredients baked in.

We’re committed while compassionate. We’re here for the results, but we won’t sacrifice the people along the way. That means we communicate, we forgive, we cheer and we care.

We’re letting go while holding tight. We ended the year questioning everything. What worked? What didn’t? What stays and what goes? In 2022, we’re letting go of what doesn’t matter but we won’t give up what does. And for us, what matters is quality, service, fun, and team.

How are you navigating the never normal? We’d love to hear from you.