Why Context Is Queen


Lately we’ve been talking about context at Double Forte. If content is king, then context is clearly queen. Your content needs context.

Content is the what; context is the why. Context gives content meaning and helps audiences connect with your message. Without context a blog post is just words, a video just moving images. With context, they can become hope, a personal connection, a rally cry, a cautionary tale.

Context comes from knowing your audience, what motivates and moves them, when and where they will be receptive to hearing what you have to say. We get there by asking why. Why do you want to be written up in Business Insider? Why do you want to issue that press release on a Friday? Why are you on Instagram? Why? Why? Why? When we know why, we can determine what and how and when.

So, what’s the context behind this piece of content you’re reading now? One simple things actually:

  • As a service firm, we want to be of service to the people in our network. Our intent is to deliver simple, actionable information to you monthly.

So, before you create your next piece of content, ask “Why?” Why will my message connect with someone out of the 5,000 marketing messages they will see, the 3 hours and 43 minutes they will spend on their phones, the seven screens in their home and the 126 emails they will get – today…Context.