Leveraging Cause Marketing


Starting in 2020, each June Cascadian Outfitters released special-edition cans in celebration of Pride month, which gave back to the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) Scholars Fund. The largest LGBTQ chamber of commerce in North America, the GSBA Scholars Fund gives students the gift of education and works towards a future of equality. Double Forte was challenged to drive brand awareness of this seasonal product and give-back partnership through traditional media and unpaid social media influencer initiatives.


Ahead of the product launch, Double Forte worked closely with the Cascadian Outfitters team to develop a detailed messaging strategy, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Once the brand positioning was finalized, the team introduced the new cans to lifestyle and consumer media through a proactive pitch effort, timing the outreach for exposure during Pride Month (June). In addition to traditional media relations, Double Forte conducted outreach to Pacific Northwest-based influencers, sharing details on the new offering and offering to send samples. Twenty influencers opted-in to receive the Cascadian Outfitters limited edition cans, and Double Forte coordinated a creative sample mailing with a cover letter and brand assets for influencers to “unbox” and share with their followers. The team continued conversations with all relevant media contacts and influencers throughout the month of June to pull through coverage following the sample mailing.


In 2020, Double Forte secured 91.38 million earned media impressions, with coverage appearing in outlets including Good Housekeeping, Yahoo! News, Distractify and Chowhound. 13 unpaid influencers shared the curated sample mailing on social media, generating 160,451 total social impressions and resulting in 42 in-feed posts and stories.

Building on the momentum from 2020, Double Forte executed the same program without any product changes in 2021, resulting in 22.54 million earned media impressions. The cans were featured in notable regional and national publications, including 425 Magazine, Food Network Online and The Manual. Combined total impressions exceeded over 113 million impressions, exponentially increasing brand awareness for Cascadian Outfitters and their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community through traditional and social media during the popular summer timeframe.




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