Launching a Female-founded Plant Genetics Company


To launch female-founded plant genetics company LeafWorks, Inc. into cannabis/hemp marketplace, starting with B2B and eventually B2C. Double Forte kicked-off the launch with the announcement of LeafWorks' first DNA-based test, Gender ID, followed by Supply Chain Certification, Cultivar Registration, and Certified Feminized Seal. The ultimate goal behind all LeafWorks’ tests and services is to help the cannabis/hemp community protect the genetic IP of their plants and combat fraud in the industry.

LeafWorks DNA technology was relatively unparalleled at the time of launch, though a few competitors did exist, including the disgraced Phylos Bioscience who faced a massive scandal just prior to LeafWorks entering the market. The LeafWorks team would have to work double-time to differentiate themselves from Phylos and gain the trust of the media, consumers and even the cannabis community as a whole.


Define the message. Communicating the nuances of plant genetics to the media is no easy feat, and Double Forte worked closely with the LeafWorks team to hone the messaging and develop metaphors, sound bites, and layman's terms to communicate the science behind the company.

Know your media. Double Forte developed a targeted list of cannabis, regional, science and technology media and strategically pitched using carefully worded messaging. Double Forte specifically targeted features for “women in cannabis” and “women in STEM” to leverage LeafWorks female founders. Interviews were conducted with Green Entrepreneur, SF Chronicle’s GreenState, Playboy, Wired, MJBizDaily, Fast Co., and Cheddar to name a few.

Get out there. Double Forte knew LeafWorks had a greater message to share with the world, and began submitting its founders for speaking opportunities at regional and national events. Through an 8-month long process, Double Forte secured LeafWorks its own panel at SXSW 2020, an event that was ultimately cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In its place, Double Forte also staged a virtual panel on the same topic and then repurposed the prized content across video/social channels and via blog posts. In addition to SXSW, Double Forte landed both co-founders the opportunity to present during Women of Silicon Valley in May, 2020 and continues to look to future opportunities.


Total Impressions: 238M+

Total Coverage: 25+ including Cheddar TV + online, Green Entrepreneur, Playboy, Marijuana Venture, SF Weekly, Hella High Podcast and Women in Weed




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