3 Ways To Deploy The Power of PR Amid the Great Resignation



The great resignation has leaders and HR professionals working around the clock to solve the seemingly impossible global talent shortage. According to a Paychex Pulse of HR Report, which surveyed 1,000 HR decision-makers, 98% of HR leaders say the pandemic has transformed their role and 70% say this has been one of the most challenging years of their career.  In the most recent jobs report  released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an all time high 4.3 million Americans, equivalent to 2.9% of the workforce, quit their jobs in August.

Now’s the time for company leaders and HR professionals to tap into trusted strategic communicators to amplify their efforts. How can PR professionals join forces with overwhelmed HR departments to improve retention and bolster recruitment in response to the “great resignation?” Enlisting the powers of PR to amplify your HR efforts should be on your short list.

Consider these three strategies as the tip of the PR potential iceberg.


You can’t over-communicate! In this tumultuous talent war, leaders must exhaust every possible opportunity to communicate. In times of crisis leaders may become increasingly cautious in their communications, and less willing to be in conversation with their employees out of fear of triggering even more departures. This could not be further from what is needed — MORE communication!

Also, in challenging moments, the urge to over-edit and massage the message oftentimes results in a manufactured and even inauthentic tone – which can create even more employee insecurities.

This is where PR is invaluable. The definition of PR is “A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics (PRSA).” Simply swap out “publics” with “employees” and you have yourself an essential expertise given our current workplace climate.

PR teams can arm leaders with innovative ideas to find and retain top talent, increase connected employee experiences, and amplify workplace culture. It is imperative for leaders to create more venues for communication so people feel seen and heard. Start small; monthly newsletters, bi-weekly updates from the CEO, weekly team meetings and pulse surveys reviewed quarterly.

Pro tip: Access to Senior Management is key to feeling appreciated.


According to the O.C. Tanner 2022 Global Culture Report, “When recognition is built into an organization’s culture, employee engagement rises 173%, sense of purpose rises 114% and feelings of success rise 151%.” Recognition can reinforce purpose and passion; hence the need for an internal recognition campaign. PR professionals, think media mailer for employees. Instead of selling a product you are selling appreciation.

Just follow the cardinal rule, personalization is the key to success. Include a thoughtful handwritten note from the CEO along with company swag and product. This is the perfect campaign to set in motion ahead of the holiday season. Want to further amplify your campaign? Pair the recognition campaign with an employee share contest. Ask employees to be ambassadors by sharing social media posts about current hiring events. In turn, every employee who has shared the post is entered into a raffle to win a prize.

Pro tip: Send a mailer to great former employees. Creating an alumni program to facilitate bringing back great talent and produce referrals should be integrated into your recruitment plan.


Make a quick yet powerful change by rewriting your old job postings. Most job postings are archaic and completely mind-numbing. Thus, creating engaging modern job postings will place you ahead of the competition.  You can take it one step further. According to a recent study from Lighthouse Research & Advisory, “A welcome video from the hiring manager can make candidates up to 46% likelier to consider the job and 30% likelier to respond to a recruiter or to apply themselves.” Just remember, first ensure your employment offering is competitive and compelling, then have your PR team help you rewrite your job postings.

Pro tip: Create employee spotlights on your LinkedIn company account to further promote your brand culture. Learn more, here.

Interested in an internal culture campaign to position you as a highly desirable employer, while reinforcing your employee’s decision to work for you? Call us! We’re here to help you fight the great resignation.