7 Social Media Strategies for 2022

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In the midst of planning season, it’s time to take stock of your social media strategies. The rules of engagement continue to change as the world continues to evolve along with the pandemic. Therefore, the way you engage with key constituents must evolve too.

Here are seven social media strategies to consider for 2022:

  1. Podcasts continue to be one of the fastest growing media segments.  They allow you to control the narrative. They link-build like nobody’s business. And they are easily consumable for your audience – and in 2022, ease of consumption matters.
  2. Go live. Even as we return to the workplace, we probably won’t be together en masse any time soon. Live broadcasting – from any platform – connects us in ways we crave.
  3. Sponsored content continues to grow as a segment. Distribution is critical to reach your audience in a crowded space. Put your money where your content is.
  4. Get real. Tell stories even with static posts. Instead of posting an image of an executive, post an image that tells us about that executive. Show them at work, at play, at home. This is what authenticity means today. The walls are down between work and life thanks to Zoom. Your audience expects to see into your world. Share behind-the-scenes, candid moments, be transparent.
  5. Have conversations. Sometimes the magic of social engagement is in the comments, not the stylized image. Worry less about looks and more about substance. Social platforms are your place to have real conversations – don’t shy away.
  6. Stop the slacktivism. Your consumers are tired of cause-of-the-day posts. No more squares. No more ribbons. Choose your causes. Define your values and pull them through everything you do.
  7. Create more content. And then create even more. At Ragan’s Future of Communications conference, the formula most experts embrace for 2022 is to double down on the amount of content you’re pushing out. You’re no longer “posting.” You’re broadcasting. Plan accordingly; build your social strategy for a 24 hour news cycle

What strategies will you implement in 2022? And, more importantly, how can we help?