4 Social Media Platform Updates You Missed in 2021

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by Alexis Karis

Just as fast as the world seems to change (hello Omicron and lockdown deja-vu…), so does social media. It seems like every platform from Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn has new features and updates rolling out constantly – both small and sometimes large.

We know that a New Year brings with it new plans for your social media strategy. In our recent blog post we discussed seven strategies to consider for 2022. As you begin to execute on these strategies and build out your monthly content calendars, consider all of the new features that have recently rolled out on the different platforms. We’ve compiled a list of some of these important features below.

Here are 4 social media platform updates you might have missed last year:

  1. Instagram Links for Everyone! – In case you missed what feels like a huge update for Instagram, this fall the platform finally rolled out link-sharing capabilities on Instagram Stories for all users. Previously, links were only available via a swipe-up function to profiles with over 10,000 followers. Now, all users have the ability to share web links via stickers in their stories. It’s a valuable tool for influencers and brands who can now share links to products or their websites seamlessly. If you haven’t changed up your social media strategy to include the new Instagram links function, make sure to update your calendars ASAP to take advantage of this valuable feature!
  1. LinkedIn Focuses on Short-Form Video – In 2021, LinkedIn made several changes to their platform that places a focus on short-form video. Perhaps one of the most important being that LinkedIn removed their short-lived Stories feature. Instead, the platform plans to ramp up development of other short form video features (TechCrunch has a great article that explains more about these changes). One feature that is already available, and was introduced in early 2021, is their “Cover Stories”. These 30-second introduction videos are a great way to inject more personality into your LinkedIn profile and personal brand. Check out Fast Company’s guide on how to use the feature. Keep an eye out for more video features as they roll out, and be prepared to incorporate more video into your 2022 LinkedIn plans in order to maximize your visibility and engagement on the platform.
  1. TikTok Proves it Works – This is less of a platform update and more of an important fact that is worth emphasizing as you consider your 2022 social media strategies: TikTok was the Internet’s most visited website in 2021, surpassing Facebook and Google, CBS News reports. If your 2022 plans do not include TikTok, it is worth taking a second look at the platform to re-consider how the video-sharing app could benefit your brand.
  1. Pinterest Adopts TikTok-like Features – This fall, Pinterest jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, as so many other social media platforms have done, to adopt features that mimic the format of TikTok’s vertical video feed. TechCrunch reported on this update, which included a new home page feature for their “Idea Pins”, a video feature that allows creators more tools to edit videos in a fashion similar to other platforms like Instagram. It’s clear that Pinterest is putting a lot of effort behind highlighting creative content on its platform, and brands can benefit from being early adopters of these features and offer more interactive and interesting content to their consumers.


Be sure to keep an eye out for new updates as these social media platforms make additional updates in 2022. And stay nimble in your social media strategy to adapt to these changes and maximize your profile’s potential.