7 New Year’s Resolutions


Are you resolving to become more effective in your communications efforts in 2017? So are we. Here are 6 New Year’s resolutions to get you started down the right path.

  1. Post with intention. Maybe you increased the frequency of your posting this year. Maybe you increased your following. That’s great. Build on that in 2017 with a planned and purposeful editorial calendar. What are your cornerstone messages? How do they translate across mediums and to your different audiences? Map that out.
  2. Be spontaneous. No, this resolution doesn’t contradict your resolution to be intentional. It augments it. Yes you want a plan. Yes you need to make sure your key messages are delivered consistently. You also need to act in the moment. That’s how most social media platforms were designed, and that’s what their users expect. Be open. Be in the moment. That’s where the magic happens.
  3. Be relevant. Relevance shouldn’t be new for you. It’s critical to breaking through in a cluttered, noisy marketplace. But it never hurts to strengthen your resolve. Relevance is that critical.
  4. Leverage the heck out of good content. Remember that awesome blog post you wrote last year? The really, really good one? Why didn’t you turn it into a Slide Share? Why didn’t you create a graphic to accompany it on Pinterest? It would have made great content for a video. In 2017, if you’re going to create great content, pull it through across multiple channels.
  5. Engage. Messages matter, sure. But you know what really sells? Conversations. Have them. Engage. Listen. Ask questions. Respond. Talk to people in 2017. Talk and listen too.
  6. Go live. 2017 will be the year of live video. Embrace it. Don’t sweat perfecting it. The beauty of live video is authenticity sells. Just click the go button and start broadcasting.
  7. Have fun. Fun is a core value at Double Forte. If your not having fun, then what’s the point?

Happy New Year! We resolve to bring you great content all year.