Simple Strategies To Transform Your Content in 2017


Four days into the new year and how are you doing on your new year’s resolutions? Feeling like you might have bit off more than you can chew? Let us help you break it down. Here are simple strategies, per social media platform, to transform your content in 2017.

Blog: Reduce the number of times you post. Sound like crazy-talk? It’s not! By now, we all know the name of the game when it comes to blogging is frequency AND consistency. If you cannot meet your twice a week goal, then switch to a weekly goal. Even weekly won’t work? Blog monthly but make that post sing!

LinkedIn: Share. Once a week, commit to sharing industry news on your LinkedIn profile. Show the world you are engaged, active and knowledgeable. Use this platform to be generous with other people’s content.

Facebook: We’ve said it before and we will repeat it as many times as needed: go live! If you’re not broadcasting live on Facebook in 2017, you are missing the beat.

Instagram: Improve your composition skills. A picture really does speak a thousand words. Make sure they are the right ones. Invest in photography and graphics and start creating content that matches your brand strategy. It will be worth it.

Twitter: Follow someone new every day. Your Twitter feed is only as valuable as the people you follow. Stop stressing over the number of followers you have and start following others. Use Twitter to LISTEN!

Snap: Have fun. If there is a place for spontaneity, humor, and experimentation, this is it. Snap will only get more relevant for brands. Experiment now while you are growing your following.

Podcast: Not quite ready to host your own podcast (you will be… but we understand the hesitation and commitment it requires) then be a guest. Who are the podcasters speaking to your customers? Reach out and see if they are looking for expert guests.

As we said back in November, there are no more rules when it comes to communication except that you must continue to do so. You need to choose how you move ahead. So choose a plan you can execute successfully.