Are You Millennial Minded?

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As Double Forte  CEO Lee Caraher says, if you don’t have millennials in your business your business doesn’t have a future. That’s because millennials are the largest generation. But millennials – they’re so, I don’t know, millennial. And what’s wrong with that?

At Double Forte, we believe in the power of a multigenerational workforce. We know that it is on each and everyone of us to make it work at work.We know that successful integration of millennials into a business requires several key steps:

  • One, be crystal clear on what the company values are and why the company exists. What is the mission of  the company? What are you trying to do and what values drive the company?
  • Two, set expectations early. Let everyone know how you work – hours, culture, work from home, technology. Spell it all out.
  • Three, give a lot of feedback. Tell a millennial, “That was a good effort and let me talk with you about how we could improve it next time.”

We also know that navigating a new career can be intimidating – especially if you’re armed with nothing more than some college classes and advice from friends. We know that a lot of college courses today don’t really prepare their students for the 9-to-5. That’s why we created the Millennial Minded podcast. It’s our goal to make sure that new hires feel ready to walk into their job and slay. Likewise, company veterans should be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. In other words, they should be millennial minded. Are you?