Facebook Launches Brand/Influencer Collaboration Tool


Don’t let the awkward name turn you off. “Brand Collabs Manager” is Facebook’s new tool for connecting brands and influencers on its platform. Announced just last week, Facebook calls the new tool, “a marketplace that helps brands and creators find, learn more about and connect with each other.”

Basically, Brand Collabs Manager functions as a search engine that brands can use to browse different creators based on the audiences they reach and the types of content and collaborations they’ve produced in the past.

If a brand manager is considering an influencer collaboration, they can, per Facebook:

  • Find creators whose audiences match the target demographic they are trying to reach.
  • Identify  industry-specific parameters, like geography, personal interests, and even home ownership status.
  • Search customized lists of creators based on their past branded-content partnerships, or creators who like the brand’s Facebook page.
  • Email creators directly from the platform.

While the new tool is designed to connect marketers to social media influencers, and certainly underscores the importance of influencer marketing, it is clearly a way to entice influencers to create content on Facebook, in much the way they are doing on YouTube and Instagram, and therefore for Facebook to remain competitive. (Of course, we can expect Instagram to roll it out eventually.)

If you want to apply for access, click here.


Photo source: Facebook