Four Easy Tips for Making the Most of Your Wine & Spirits Media Mailer

two wine glasses half full

by Lauren Trieschmann

It’s no secret that sample mailers are one of the most effective tactics to get your product in front of media, encouraging trial and (hopefully) generating positive coverage. At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that the wine and spirits market in the U.S. consists of thousands of brands that are all vying for the media’s attention. In order to make an impact, it’s essential to plan ahead, stay organized, and ultimately, create a distinctive and memorable mailer that will set your brand apart. Read on for a few of our go-to tips and tricks.

Ask Before You Send
Rule number one is simple: never send unsolicited samples. Even if you’ve sent samples to someone before, it’s common courtesy to reach out and confirm interest each time. Not only does this ensure the products you’re sending fit into a journalist’s upcoming coverage plans, but it can also save a whole lot of hassle. With more companies returning to the office or offering a hybrid model, it’s crucial to ensure that your samples are delivered to the correct address, where someone will be present to sign for the package upon delivery. Whenever possible, send tracking information to your media contact so they know exactly when to expect a delivery.

Start Planning Early
The past year has seen major disruptions to the global supply chain and significant delays from shipping carriers across the U.S. With this in mind, it’s important to start creating your media mailer well in advance of when you plan to send it out, particularly if it’s timed to a specific holiday or seasonal occasion. In addition to setting aside the desired quantity of wine and/or spirits (plus a few extra for good measure), be sure to leave ample time to order any other add-ons or “surprise and delight” elements, such as printed materials, branded glassware, or food items.

Minimize Waste
Now more than ever, media and consumers are mindful about their environmental impact as well as that of the brands they support. Skip the Styrofoam and opt for more sustainable alternatives, such as pulp wine shippers made from recycled fiber or filler paper that can easily be recycled. Whenever possible, print tasting notes and press releases on recycled paper.

Add a Personal Touch
In addition to the usual elements (tasting notes, social handles and hashtags, and so on), there are countless ways to add some extra flair to any media mailer. It might be as simple as a personal note from the winemaker or distiller, or even a seasonal recipe card, branded wine key, or non-perishable snacks from a local producer. Not only will media appreciate the extra effort, but these elements will make your mailer that much more “Insta-worthy,” encouraging recipients to post on their social channels and get the word out about your product.

Want to learn more about making the most of your next wine or spirits media mailer? Reach out to our team for more information.