From the Golden City to the Garden Island – How Double Forte Supported My Move to Hawaii

By Rebecca Zimmermann, Double Forte Account Coordinator

I have always believed that your environment is everything, but it wasn’t until a global pandemic struck that I began to realize the truth behind this statement.

Pre-pandemic, work, sleep and play had their own time and place in my schedule. Work was done at the office, sleep was done at home, and play was done out and about, or at home – depending on the task. As someone who is passionate about health and wellness, a majority of my free time was dedicated to running outside, going to a yoga class, going to the farmers market, and/or cooking.

Mid-pandemic, these three buckets became mushed together, in doors, at home. My apartment became my office, my yoga studio, my hang out spot, my everything. I quickly realized my small, cohabitated apartment in San Francisco was not ideal for 1) working remotely and 2) fulfilling my personal needs.

In March 2020, when Californians were forced to stay home, only to leave for the bare necessities (food, exercise, and medical needs), offices were closed, masks were enforced, and public transportation shut down. Commuting into the office wasn’t a choice for many, including myself, who relied on Muni to get me to and from the office. Even if Muni was running, the thought of standing 2cm away from strangers in a metal box did not sound pleasant.

While many corporate leaders estimated WFH to last only a few months, Double Forte projected the effects of the pandemic to last well into 2021. With flu season just around the corner, and many questions yet to be answered, Double Forte decided to go remote for the next six months minimum. As someone who is also very much a planner, I really appreciated this.

Acknowledging Double Forte’s decision to go remote for the foreseeable future, and realizing the importance of my environment, I began thinking of places I could relocate to that would support my lifestyle. As a 23-year-old young professional, I had no attachments to the city. I had no family close by,  I had no car, my lease was month to month and all I needed to work was my laptop. Nothing was holding me back from leaving.

I began making a list of my non-negotiables: warm weather, beach, yoga studio, availability of healthy food, running trails, and of course, a nice at home office set up. That’s when I started considering Hawaii. It’s part of the U.S., making travel and relocation easier, only has a slight time zone difference, and not to mention, checked all my boxes. My heart was set, but I needed Double Forte’s blessing.

Expressing this opportunity to the agency couldn’t have gone any smoother. In fact, in Double Forte’s 2020 trends reportThe Next Normal, it was predicted that working from anywhere would be a trend adopted by many. Knowing my skills, passions and goals, Double Forte knew Hawaii could be a place where I would thrive, not only personally, but professionally. I can’t thank them enough for trusting me in this process and giving me their full support.

With almost six in ten American knowledge workers working remotely as of March 19, according to Forbes, relocation and working from anywhere will very likely be part of the new normal. Where would you work if you could work from anywhere?