In This Epic Moment of Uncertainty, Trust You Know What To Do

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After a relentless presidential campaign, a very late night, if not all-nighter, watching the state by state returns and listening to the pundits, we wake to a morning of uncertainty – perhaps the outcome we expected, but not the outcome we wanted. We’re exhausted by last night, by the COVID-19 pandemic, by 2020 in general, and by the last four years overall. And now we must face the unknown– again.

We know how to do this. Even as I am unsure about many things this morning, I am sure of this.

Recently, we created and orchestrated a major campaign for one of our clients. It involved building a website, creating content, signing on influencers, and of course, garnering media coverage. A few weeks before the launch, the elements of the campaign that we controlled were coming together beautifully – we pride ourselves on execution – but we had not secured any significant media interest and team was getting worried.

“This will be a success,” I reassured my team. “We are doing everything right.” The team had built a thorough and well-vetted media list. They were working every angle. Their pitching was strategic, persistent and relevant to the bigger media landscape. “But,” I continued, “It’s going to be a nail biter.  We are going to sweat this one out because we won’t know we’re in the clear until probably the last minute. But this will be a success.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Our team worried up until the last minute – and – they worked up until the last minute. And as predicted, the campaign was a major success with plenty of media coverage.

While that project was extremely important to our client and to our firm, it was small stakes in the grand scheme of the world. However, the principles we applied are the same ones we will apply today, tomorrow and for the rest of 2020. We know what to do – and you do too – you’ve been doing it all year.

Let’s continue to behave in a way that is in line with our values.

Let’s control what we can control.

Let’s hope for the best and work toward the best.

Let’s treat each other with respect  – and compassion.

Let’s wear masks and wash our hands.

And today, let’s just all take a deep breath. We will have to sweat this one out, but we will be okay.

– Lee