Sometimes, You Need To Wear A Suit

Row of men suit jackets. Black and white image.

Earlier this year, we sent a newsletter to clients and colleagues,  about the constant changes our industry continues to experience.  At the time, we were talking about major changes to the way Facebook ranks posts in someone’s feed, as well as new guidelines from the social media giant about what influencers could and couldn’t post.

Our advice was, and continues to be:

  • Pay to play.
  • Hone your audience.
  • Be smart about your influencer programs.

Since that email in February, we’ve continued to see dramatic changes and headlines regarding Facebook, and other social platforms too. Grabbing the most headlines is the Cambridge Analytica story, the resulting #deleteFacebook movement, and this week, Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in front of Congress.

The Washington Post wrote, “Zuckerberg, who traded his trademark T-shirt and hoodie for the standard Capitol Hill garb of a dark suit and tie, had holed up with advisers in Washington over the weekend to prepare for the hearing.” We’re sure our competitors will blog about the Facebook chief’s communications approach.  (Sometimes, you have to wear a suit.) And we’ll leave that to them.

What we think is most relevant right now, is how these April headlines will affect how the way we navigate social media in the months ahead and we’re committed to helping you sort out your communications strategy in these wild times.

In the meantime, and in case you missed it, to help you stay up to date and on top of the many, many shifts we’ve seen in social media this year, we’ve created a handy overview of the social shakeups of 2018 (so far!), and how best to navigate them. You can download it HERE.

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