The Dos and Don’ts of Navigating a Public Relations Crisis

The Dos and Dont's of Navigating a Public Relations Crisis

by Gabriel Muñoz Within the last year, celebrities and brands have faced a similar problem: What is the best strategy when a public relations crisis occurs? Recently, Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster, Lizzo, Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light, Drew Barrymore, and more chose to make public statements, offering up an explanation or apology for their actions,…

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Every Company Needs A Crisis Plan

Crisis Communications

The old rule of thumb was that a crisis never happened on Monday at 10:30 AM. No, crises always seemed to happen between Friday at 4:30 PM and Monday at 6 AM. Since we started the agency, we’ve handled some doozies – a premeditated murder at a store, salmonella-based recalls, e-coli-based recalls, activist shut-downs, sexual…

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