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May 22, 2019Communication

Every time I pick up a copy of the newspaper (yes I still read the physical newspaper) yet another long strand of facts confront me. I gather the basics, the who, the what, the where, etc, and proceed to a series of quotes. This is standard news format (more on writing here.) I do my … Read More

Remote Work: Managing Yourself When Your Manager Isn’t Around

May 9, 2019Career Insight

In an era where digital communication is often more common than face-to-face, companies have adapted to keep up with the trend. Emailing, video conference calls and instant messaging channels are the new normal, which has  flexible schedules and remote work possible. However just because something is possible, doesn’t mean it’s probable. It’s up to remote … Read More

Breaking Down Bias and Building Trust

April 30, 2019Communication

In 2018, a Knight Foundation and Gallup Poll reported that a majority of adults in the U.S. have lost trust in the news media due to perceived bias and inaccuracy in reporting. This is a problem for PR professionals along with the clients we serve. We build reputations for our clients and we build them … Read More

An Image is Worth A Thousand Clicks

April 24, 2019Communication, Content Marketing

When headlines fail to drive interest, reads or clicks, images can pick up the slack. Have a human interest story? The right image can ring the emotional register and make a lasting impact. We’re in the business of storytelling so it’s important to understand not only how images complement the stories we tell but also … Read More

You Can’t Reach New Audiences With Old Language

April 10, 2019Communication, Marketing

We are often tasked with helping clients reach beyond their natural boundaries to gain traction in other markets. More often than not,  the key to getting traction in these new markets, whether they be new locations, industries or audiences is usually using fresh language that resonates with new people. If people outside your bullseye target … Read More

What Journalism Majors Can Learn In PR Internships

April 3, 2019Career Insight, Communication

From PR Internships To Print  Spring Break is over and students abound are trading in swimsuits for school books. Their transition from sun to school brings both glum thoughts of assignments, exams, and projects and important questions about professional development. Should a student get a summer job, internship or serve as a research apprentice? Forbes … Read More

4 Key Considerations for Sharing Sponsored Content

March 20, 2019Digital, Uncategorized

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), branded, or sponsored, content is content that is “sponsored by/promoted by a brand that is non-promotional in nature.” Native advertising is the paid distribution of that content. When brands like The Washington Post and New York Times publish sponsored editorial content, it’s safe to say this form of advertising revenue … Read More

Building Trust Via Earned and Paid

March 13, 2019Content Marketing

If you type, “What is the meaning of life?” into a search bar, you will get more than 2 billion results. Somewhere in there, has to be the answer, right? But the answer I trust might be different than the answer you trust. Trust is the hottest currency in marketing. At Double Forte we know … Read More

The Women of Congress Get It

February 6, 2019Communication, Uncategorized

If last night’s State of the Union address taught us anything, it’s that the women of Congress get it. It being social media, of course. As you must have noticed, or at least heard, female members of Congress dressed in “suffragist-white” for the speech as a nod to women’s rights. And then they sat together … Read More

26 Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

January 30, 2019Content Marketing, Uncategorized

You know having a blog for your brand is necessary, right? What you don’t know is how the heck you will be able to maintain it. Fret not. We’ve got 26 ways for you to come up with blog post ideas. Answer a customer’s question. Ask (and answer): what does a new business prospect need … Read More