The Golden Age of Social Media is Over

Vibrant vector illustration. Different speech bubbles with hand drawn doodles and textures. Social Media Communication concept.

For the first time since they took over our lives, social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter, are either on the brink of a mass exodus (through a government-wide ban that will put many more things at risk if passed as currently written) or extinction (due to Elon Musk’s controversial and lackluster takeover), respectively.

Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, recently announced it’s cutting an additional 10,000 jobs after first laying off 11,000 employees last fall. In addition, the company has lost billions of dollars in ad revenue, has paid hundreds of millions dollars in fines, and is struggling to make the Metaverse the next big “thing.” Snap is struggling, Discord is gaining steam, Truth Social is…it’s safeto say the golden age of social media is over.

Still, social media platforms, and the companies that provide them as a service, are more popular than ever and should remain a core pillar in any brand’s communications strategy – along with paid, owned and earned media.

We share recommendations on how to integrate all four of those pillars in our latest POV: The Golden Age of Social Media is Over.

Spoiler alert: Balance is key. As we move into the next digital era (artificial intelligence), it’s more important than ever for brands to effectively build a media strategy that is not only comprehensive but balanced.

How are you incorporating all four?