Three Apps That Save Time

Clock at the wall

By Ramsha Khan

As public relations professionals, we know that  long hours are part of the job and we do what it takes to get results for our clients. Still, there are only so many hours in a day, so it’s important to do the most with what we have. According to a recent study, 21 percent of employees waste about 2 hours a week due to distractions (hello social media!). Nobody got time for that!

So, what can you do to make your days as efficient as possible? Turns out, you can do a lot. Or should I say, you can download a lot?

To help you save as much time as possible, and get you home in time to watch BH 90201, we recommend these three apps that help you save time:

  1. project management software that empowers team members to make important decisions together. This app allows users to update how far along they are with pending projects, making it easier for team members to keep track of projects and common operations.
  2. Hemingway editor: Even the best writers can overlook errors. This is where the Hemingway editor app comes in. Great for first drafts, all you have to do is copy and paste text and the app gives you grammar suggestions and more. It can detect wordy sentences, change dull or complicated words, and catch use of passive voice. Given its namesake, the app suggests a certain writing style, but users can reject suggestions they don’t like.
  3. UPitch: Think HARO, but the opposite. Post your pitch on a ‘Tinder- like’ app. Pick the topic of your pitch and send it to the journalists covering that ‘beat’. If the journalist is interested in the pitch, they swipe right. If it isn’t a fit, they swipe left. Not only can this result in get great coverage for a client, you also get input based on the number of responses. Both the journalist and the pitcher can communicate through the live in-app chat. Bonus: this app is free.

Implement these apps into your work routine and spend more time getting the important tasks done (like finding out what Brenda and Brandon are up to.)