We Have A New Podcast!


We’re very excited to tell you we’ve launched a new podcast, Millennial Minded – it’s everything you wanted to know about work and career that you were afraid to ask.

We noticed that a lot of college courses today don’t really prepare students for the realities of work life. That’s where we come in! Every week, we bring you straight talk from the boss lady  about navigating your career. Our CEO Lee Caraher answers our questions like, “What can we really be doing to become the best that we can be?” and, “What’s the best way to ask for a promotion?” and, “How do I handle someone I don’t like in the office?”

You can find the new show here and here.

Millennial Minded is the evolution of the Everything Speaks podcast. Based on the great feedback we got from our listeners and podcast experts we’ve met along the way, we turned our format inside out to get to the heart of the matter and bring you 20 minutes of specific advice people are asking for every week. Everything Speaks is still available – there’s some gold there – you can listen to it here.

Let the millennials in your office and life know about the new show. They can submit their questions too by following us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the show!