Moving and Shaking


As you know, we don’t sit still around here. Since rolling out our new brand identity and website, we’ve had a lot going on.

First, we’re pleased to announce that our marketing-focused podcast, Focus Is your Friend, was named one of 
9 Binge-Worthy Podcasts by Inc. Magazine. And speaking of podcasts…well, you’re going to have to wait until next week for that news!

Second, our Chief Content Officer Liz O’Donnell recently spoke at the Inbound Marketing conference about content strategies in a post-truth era. You can read more about that

And finally, our CEO Lee Caraher, just returned from Boston where she spoke at the PRSA conference about leading the next gen workplace and creating a culture of employee loyalty. If you want to know more, we can recommend a book!

But most important of all,  our thoughts are with our many clients, coworkers and friends  who have been affected by the North Bay fires. Your safety and well-being is really the only thing that matters. And we are here to help you however we can as you recover and rebuild. And if you are looking for ways to help, click here.