11 Ways To Leverage Your Content


We’re preaching the power and importance of content this year at Double Forte. So we thought the least we could do is tell you how to make your content work hard for you. Her are 11 ways to leverage the heck out of your content.

  1. Start with a blog post. Most communications professionals have their blogging basics down. Write a blog post offering practical tips to your customers – how-tos and lists are always useful. Keep your post between 300 and 750 words.
  2. Create an accompanying graphic. Remember how Mark Twain said, ““The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” The infographic said the same thing. Share your infographic with your clients. Send it to prospects. Pitch it to an industry publication.
  3. Create a slide show. Create a slide show based on the tips in your blog post and post it on SlideShare. Feeling ambitious? Set the slideshow to music and share it on Facebook.
  4. Offer a webinar. Invite your best clients and prospects to a webinar where you walk them through the key learnings in the blog post and answer any questions they may have.
  5. Go live. If you’ve been paying attention, you knew this was coming. Broadcast live on Facebook and share some of the tips from your blog post.
  6. Create a YouTube video. Now that you’ve had some practice in front of the camera, post to YouTube. The topic? The tips in your post. You must have it memorized by now.
  7. Slice it up. Break up your post into snackable quotes and takeaways. Share those ideas on Twitter – 140 characters or less.
  8. Now go to Canva.com and make some simple graphics from those snackable sound bites. Post them on social – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  9. Air it. Dedicate one of your podcast episodes to the topic of the blog post. Wait, what? You don’t have a podcast? Deep sigh. Okay, we’ll get there. In the meantime, pitch yourself as an expert on the topic on someone else’s podcast.
  10. Mail it. Share the blog post, or the podcast, or the YouTube video, in your next newsletter.
  11. Create an ebook. Now, take all of the new ideas you’ve thought of since you first wrote the post, and go long. Use it to build your email list.

Let your content work for you.