5 Ways To Generate Creative Content Ideas


One of the core components of an effective content strategy is consistency. And to aid you in delivering a consistent content program, we recently shared some great tools for generating relevant content on a consistent basis.

But another core component of a content program is creativity, and well, that’s a little more nebulous, isn’t it. Consistency takes discipline. Either you apply it or you don’t. But creativity? That takes…creativity. And, a few good cheats!

Sometimes our creativity needs a jumpstart. So here are 5 cheats to help you generate creative content ideas:

  1. Holidays. Holidays help build content because you can tie your products and services to the events. Do you have a message for mothers in May? A product for fathers in June? Do you have a point of view about gratitude to share at Thanksgiving? Create some content and share your message. But a word of caution about holiday-themed content: Know the origins and history of the holiday and avoid cultural appropriation. Religious holidays, days of remembrance, partisan politics are all risky bets.
  2. News. The news of the day is another great way to come up with content ideas. If the headlines are dominated by a sporting event, for example, can you tie your message to the event? Choose the news you link to wisely. There is a fine line between appropriate and awkward – sometimes even offensive. Stay on the right side of that line and your brand appears relevant, on trend and of the moment. Cross that line and you run the risk of offending the masses, sparking a tweet storm and offending customers and stakeholders. In general, avoid controversial topics, respect differing opinions and stay positive.
  3. Buyer Personas. Smart content strategies always begin with creating a buyer persona. Who are you trying to reach with your content? What are their motivations, habits, buying behavior? Creating and distributing content related to your personas lives is not only a great way to come up with content ideas, it’s an excellent way to build relationships with the customers who matter most to your brand.
  4. Competitors. Your competition is another great source of content inspiration. Identify what they are not offering in their content programs and then fill in the blank. Or add to what they’ve shared. If they create content on how to detox with organic food, why don’t you create a detox menu? If they offer wine and food pairings for summer, why don’t you publish a shopping companion?
  5. FAQs. What are the questions most frequently asked by your customers and prospects? Create content that answers those questions. How to videos, pictorials, infographics, and blog posts that offer answers and solutions are always well received.

As we’ve said before, a smart content strategy pays dividends over time. That’s because content provides the context about who you are and what you offer – even before a customer experiences it for themselves. Content makes you easier to search and find, helps you break through the noise in a crowded marketplace, and assists you in building the authority you need to become a premium brand. Content is key.