What You Need To Know About LinkedIn’s Redesign


If you haven’t noticed it already you will soon: last week LinkedIn started rolling out a new desktop design to users putting “conversation and content at the center” of the social platform.

You know we love LinkedIn here at Double Forte. It is a powerful communications platform that is too often underutilized. Millions of people check LinkedIn daily but a very small percentage of users take advantage of its full potential. For that reason, it’s a great place to build a strong company profile and presence – especially when so many of the other social platforms are flooded with content and noise. To help you break out and stand out on LinkedIn, we’ve recapped the highlights for you.

Personalized newsfeed. Perhaps the most important update to LinkedIn is a more personalized news feed. LinkedIn is relying on both algorithms and human editors to serve up relevant and quality content. That means if you publish long form articles on LinkedIn (and you should!) you want to put forth your best work. Write to headlines that grab, add strong graphics, and deliver concise, actionable information.

Better data. LinkedIn has made it easier to know who is following you and who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn. So you can no longer avoid the platform because you can’t measure the ROI. You can find out exactly who is paying attention to you now.

Real time messaging. LinkedIn’s messaging system used to be cumbersome. How many times did you send an InMail only to say, “Can we move this conversation to email?” With the redesign, messaging will feel more like Facebook Messenger – quick and instant. But remember, instant messaging is not an invitation to get sloppy. Grammar and spelling still matter!

Simplified navigation. For a while there in 2016, LinkedIn was getting a little busy as the company added new features. With the redesign, LinkedIn has taken steps to streamline what you see. There are now just seven main navigation areas: Home, Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me (Profile), My Network, and Search. If you’re looking for something else, click on More.

Universal Search. No longer do you need to choose a category before searching on LinkedIn. Whether you are looking for a company, a group, or a job you will now use the same search box.

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LinkedIn: Love It, Learn It, Lean Into It