The Boomerang Principle Is Here!

April 12, 2017Career Insight

The team at Double Forte is excited to announce that our fearless leader and CEO, Lee Caraher, has published another book and it is available now! The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty From Your Employees spills the secrets those of us at Double Forte already know about: how to create a positive workplace culture, how to develop high performing employees, … Read More

5 Tim Ferriss-Inspired Tips for Making 2017 the Best Year Yet

January 18, 2017Career Insight

The last question of the night came from a gentleman sitting smack-dab in the middle of the audience. “For those people who haven’t listened to all of your podcasts, what’s one episode you would recommend to give them a taste?” Tim Ferriss has made it his mission to deconstruct world-class performers to extract their habits, … Read More

I Am Proud of My Name, My Gender and The Career I’ve Earned

September 30, 2016Career Insight

By Lyndsey Besser In general, I’m a pretty even-keeled person. It takes a lot to get me up in arms. But this week, something did. On Wednesday morning, an “investor and serial entrepreneur” took to the Wall Street Journal for some digital mansplaining. It was suggested that I, along with other women worldwide, forgo my … Read More

Don’t Be A Google Alert

August 22, 2016Career Insight

Adding Value, Cracking SXSW, and Other Pearls of Client Service Wisdom By Lyndsey Besser  “The second a piece of coverage hits, flag it to the client!” I remember being instructed to do this, many moons ago at a very different PR agency that shall remain unnamed. My heart-rate and blood pressure have never fully recovered. … Read More