Resilience is the New Black

May 6, 2020Career Insight

Resilience! It’s a word that holds so much power. A word that you typically associate with surviving a personal struggle or trauma. A word that makes you want to stand on top of a mountain in “superhero stance,” but what does resilience really mean? And how does resilience transfer into business? The definition of resilience … Read More

5 Tips for Networking in the Age of COVID-19

April 8, 2020Career Insight

The COVID-19 has been the biggest black swan in business we’ve ever seen. Our global humanity was not prepared for how much this could and would change our collective lives. Well— now, here we are. How can we remain effective at work and connected while at home? Reach Out and ZOOM Someone The rub is … Read More

O Captain! My Captain! Becoming a Better Manager

November 13, 2019Career Insight

O Captain! My Captain! Walt Whitman’s famous elegy poem was a nod to the death of Abraham Lincoln. Fun Fact: Whitman never met Lincoln, but was so inspired by his leadership, he felt compelled to honor him. Why does this matter and how does it apply at work as a manager of people or projects? … Read More

The Big 3 Interview Questions I’m Really Asking

October 2, 2019Career Insight

Doing well in an interview at Double Forte should be pretty for the people who apply for open positions. Why? Because we TELL PEOPLE WHAT WE WANT on our website, in our podcasts, and in the articles, we post on various blogs and LinkedIn. We even outline the types of interview questions you will get … Read More

Why Employees Who Leave Are Your Greatest Asset

September 4, 2019Career Insight, Millennials

CFO: what happens if we train them and they leave? CEO: what happens if we don’t and they stay?  -business adage Developing a strategic training program is an investment that involves a tremendous amount of time and money–two things many companies don’t have, or, are unwilling to give up. However, implementing a systematic training program … Read More

Improvement Through Inclusion

August 21, 2019Career Insight, Communication, Millennials

Becoming An Upstander, Not A Bystander In Karen Catlin’s book, Better Allies, she addresses the challenges marginalized groups of people face at work, how to spot them along with actionable solutions. In order to do this successfully, Catlin provides practical steps on the path to allyship. Her experience as a woman in tech and years … Read More

Remote Work: Managing Yourself When Your Manager Isn’t Around

May 9, 2019Career Insight

In an era where digital communication is often more common than face-to-face, companies have adapted to keep up with the trend. Emailing, video conference calls and instant messaging channels are the new normal, which has  flexible schedules and remote work possible. However just because something is possible, doesn’t mean it’s probable. It’s up to remote … Read More

What Journalism Majors Can Learn In PR Internships

April 3, 2019Career Insight, Communication

From PR Internships To Print  Spring Break is over and students abound are trading in swimsuits for school books. Their transition from sun to school brings both glum thoughts of assignments, exams, and projects and important questions about professional development. Should a student get a summer job, internship or serve as a research apprentice? Forbes … Read More

Life-Long Learning: The New Normal

January 16, 2019Career Insight

As the calendar changes from one year to another, we like to take some time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going, what’s best for our clients, our company and our coworkers. This year, we keep coming back to the same idea: Nothing is more important than life long learning. The Economist dedicated an … Read More