To Disclose or Not to Disclose: Transparency in Alcohol Social Media

October 14, 2021Social Media

Influencer marketing for alcohol brands can feel like running through a minefield of countless legal pitfalls such as using proper disclosures, not promoting excessive drinking, not sharing content with minors under the legal drinking age and more. This September a group of 13 public relations and advertising agencies announced a commitment to a global standard … Read More

Media: Friend or Foe

June 2, 2021Communication, Marketing, Public Relations

The tennis at The French Open is just getting into full swing, but the drama is already swirling off the courts. The world’s highest paid female athlete, Naomi Osaka announced that she would not be talking to journalists at the tournament due to mental health concerns. Following her announcement, the tournament organizers issued a statement … Read More

How Diversity & Inclusion Changed Marketing in 2020

May 12, 2021Communication

by Sydnie Jones Twenty-twenty was the year that put a giant mirror in front of society and forced us to rethink our lives. While COVID-19 ransacked communities, another disease was brought to light: the idea that people of color do not have the same rights and privileges as their white colleagues. Moreover, Black, Indigenous and People … Read More

How Brands Are Reaching Gen Z on TikTok

May 5, 2021Communication, Social Media, Uncategorized

TikTok is a fully-fledged marketing machine for businesses. It shapes our culture, media cycle, and most intimate relationships. But what makes TikTok different from other social media platforms? One key differentiator is that 56 percent of TikTok’s 100 million monthly U.S. users are under the age of 24, commonly known as “Gen Z.” In comparison, … Read More

The Power of Loose Touch Communication

April 21, 2021Communication, Networking

When was the last time you called your grandmother? Texted your high school best friend? Emailed your first boss? Reached out to a former colleague? Or followed up with a friend of a friend who did you a favor that one time? Staying in regular communication with our family, friends, mentors, colleagues, and clients (people … Read More

Instagram; The One-Upper Of Social Platforms

March 16, 2021Social Media

We have all experienced the sheer annoyance of the one-upper. You show up to work vulnerable, disheveled and exhausted; having been up all night with a screaming baby. The one-upper coworker quickly reminds you, “My twins had colic with acid reflux, and both screamed and puked for two years straight.” Maybe you were thrilled to … Read More