5 Steps to a Successful Rebrand

September 20, 2017Communication

Rebranding a company or an organization is a big deal. Why? Well, for a whole host of reasons. It means change, which is always a challenge. It should be grounded in strategy. And It requires excellent execution. A new brand doesn’t just mean creating a new logo or tagline – launching a new brand identity … Read More

What You Should Never Say In Email

September 6, 2017Communication

We have a saying here at Double Forte: The point of communication is to stop it. What’s that you say? Clear communication is finite. It doesn’t require lots of iterations. If you are delivering an effective message it should have impact upon impact. Here’s why this matters. The average American worker receives 121 emails a day. Each … Read More

10 Things We’ve Learned as Summer Interns

August 30, 2017Communication

By Lizzie Venditti and Greta Gordon As recent college graduates, we’ve grown as both young adults and public relations professionals during our internship at independent communications and creative firm Double Forte. Here are 10 things we’ve learned during our past 90 days in the office that we’ll carry with us throughout our careers. Teamwork is Key At … Read More

In Support of the Multigenerational Communications Department

August 16, 2017Communication

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “We need to hire younger people because they understand social media,” I could retire. Maybe that’s what people want… Yes, younger workers may have more real life experience with social media platforms, but don’t discount the older workers. They may have more real life … Read More

An Important Message: It Starts With Message

August 9, 2017Communication

On a weekly basis, I field questions like, “How many times should I tweet?” or,  “Which social media platforms should I use?” How the heck would I know? I mean, I can tell you the best times to post to certain platforms. And I can tell you the demographic profile of the typical Facebook user … Read More

The Rise of Placement PR

July 26, 2017Communication

Have you been receiving the same emails we have? Almost weekly someone sends us an offer to place a story in a specific media outlet for a flat fee. Two stories? The fee doubles. Three, it triples, etc. etc. It’s tempting. Especially for companies that have been burned by bad PR firms in the past. … Read More

5 Lessons on Brand Reputation from The New York Times

July 5, 2017Communication

“We live in an era dominated by the unyielding influence of social feeds,” so stated The New York Times in an article Sunday titled, “How Battling Brands Online Has Gained Urgency, and Impact.” This is a must read article for anyone managing a brand, corporate, or even a personal, reputation. In talking about the ousting … Read More

How Employee Input Impacts PR: Witness Uber

June 21, 2017Communication, Uncategorized

In case you were holding on to that very untrue idea that all press is good press, read some recent articles about Uber. The ride service company has had it’s share of negative stories – the latest headline that Travis Kalanick has stepped aside as CEO. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns after months of crisis Uber … Read More

Actions Must Support Words

June 14, 2017Communication

In light of recent conversations at a PR Week-sponsored event and at an Uber all-hands meeting, we feel compelled to revisit a blog post written earlier this year by our colleague Joe Kowalke. In “Please Talk Politics At Work,” Joe wrote about our company’s practice of talking in the office about gender equality, executive orders … Read More