5 Reasons To Double Down On PR During a Downturn

November 2, 2022Communication

By Maggie Zeman Each time the US heads into an economic downturn the outcome can seem predestined: A self-fulfilling prophecy willed upon us by a 24/7 news cycle and boosted by social media. As stormy financial clouds seemingly approach, companies tend to panic by cutting operating costs, and often, PR and marketing budgets are among … Read More

5 Reasons Local News is Essential to Your Comms Strategy

September 28, 2022Communication

For so many brands and services, coverage in national newspapers, magazines and media outlets is of the utmost importance. Endorsements, features, and stories from these types of publications can go a long way very quickly to build credibility and recognition for a company. While national publications are often favored, local news is equally important. When … Read More

Don’t Be A Slacktivist

August 1, 2022Communication

The world we live in has been particularly charged with social and political issues over the last several years. 2020 was the year the pandemic turned everything upside down, disproportionately impacting marginalized communities; it’s also the year George Floyd was killed, shining a light on the systemic racial injustice that remains in this country. Since … Read More

Britney is Free, but Why Won’t the Internet Let Her Be?

May 18, 2022Social Media, Uncategorized

by Gabriel Muñoz In November 2003, “the most famous 21-year-old on the planet,” Britney Spears, sat down with Diane Sawyer for a primetime television special. The now infamous interview was aligned with her soon-to-be-released fourth studio release, “In the Zone,” but the album was mainly sidelined for more “juicier” topics, including her tabloid-fueled breakup with … Read More

There’s No ‘I’ In Knee Surgery

March 16, 2022Communication, Uncategorized

By Maggie Zeman Recently, I experienced a great reminder about the critical role teams and company values play in everyday work life. I just joined the estimated 800,000 Americans who endure knee surgery each year. As common as the procedure is, sports injuries (any injury really) are painful, can be isolating at the least and … Read More