The Women of Congress Get It

February 6, 2019Communication, Uncategorized

If last night’s State of the Union address taught us anything, it’s that the women of Congress get it. It being social media, of course. As you must have noticed, or at least heard, female members of Congress dressed in “suffragist-white” for the speech as a nod to women’s rights. And then they sat together … Read More

It Starts With Who

January 9, 2019Communication

A common misperception among communications professionals is that “what” is the most important element of any strategy. As in, “What’s the message?” “What are the key points?” “What are we trying to accomplish?” They’re all good questions, but they shouldn’t be the first ones you ask, or, answer.  You have to start with “who.”  Who are you … Read More

What LinkedIn and The Wall Street Journal Have In Common

October 24, 2018Communication

The Wall Street Journal is, in media relations world, the holy grail. A neutral-to-positive story on B1 delivers instant awareness among an incredibly tight audience of highly relevant professionals – competitors, investors, and potential investors, partners and market makers – to any business. Back in the day (ok, last Tuesday) when we asked prospective clients … Read More

Do Your Employees Vote?

October 17, 2018Career Insight, Communication

As you know, November 6 is election day in the U.S. and here at Double Forte we take our civic duties seriously. And so to foster a culture of engagement, accountability, and even civil discourse, this year we’ve updated our employee handbook to encourage the team to get out and vote. We’ve always allotted some … Read More

Taylor Swift Uses Her Influence For Democracy

October 10, 2018Communication, Digital, Marketing

Influencer Marketing, as we’ve talked about for, is all the rage in the marketing mix. As we’ve described this freshly-coined “discipline” will definitely evolve but is not going anywhere but up in importance. For brands that means another arrow in the quiver to communicate with audiences new and old — communications is the art of … Read More

Actions Must Match Words

September 26, 2018Communication

In the age of authenticity, what you do matters as much as what you say. In order to be believable, credible, and trusted, you’ve got to walk the talk. The recent Nike campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick reminds us of that. Nike’s decision to feature Kaepernick, an NFL player who chose to kneel during the playing … Read More

Wondering About Weed

August 22, 2018Communication, Consulting Services, Uncategorized

As the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived products continues – already a $7.2 billion market – the industry is clearly a source of innovation and opportunity. Here at Double Forte, we’ve talked to several interesting CBD (cannabidiol) companies creating nutrition and wellness products. With any prospect, in any industry, before we move forward, we ask … Read More

Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2018Communication

All of us at Double Forte wish you a wonderful Fourth of July. And for your reading pleasure this week, we offer this link to the Declaration of Independence. Great content really does stand the test of time.

Sometimes, You Need To Wear A Suit

April 11, 2018Communication

Earlier this year, we sent a newsletter to clients and colleagues,  about the constant changes our industry continues to experience.  At the time, we were talking about major changes to the way Facebook ranks posts in someone’s feed, as well as new guidelines from the social media giant about what influencers could and couldn’t post. … Read More

To Delete Facebook or Not To Delete Facebook, That Is the Question.

March 28, 2018Communication, Digital, Mobile Devices & Apps, Uncategorized

The Answer is Not. But Don’t Just Keep Doing The Same Thing. With Facebook in the crosshairs of consumers, investors, lawmakers, and marketers with the latest revelation that it had suspended the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica for allegedly harvesting data from more than 50 million users, the call to #DeleteFacebook seems to have reached … Read More