Trend Report: Food & Beverage

July 1, 2020Communication

Last week we released our new Trends Report. We’ve identified 15 consumer trends for “the next normal” across four major categories: Food & Beverage, Consumer Lifestyle, Wellness, and Work. Today, we’re exploring the Food & Beverage category and the trends that have been shaped from our collective staying at home, and now, starting to venture out. … Read More

4 Tips for Planning During Chaos

June 17, 2020Communication

Did your public relations plan for 2020 include a global pandemic that would force everyone into their homes? What about on-going national protests for racial equality? If it did, you should probably start playing the stock market. For most of us, 2020 has brought an onslaught of unplanned challenges and we’re only half way through … Read More

Brands, What Are You Waiting For?

June 10, 2020Mobile Devices & Apps, Social Media

If you ever see our Senior Director Rena Ramirez laughing while looking at her phone, it’s more than likely because of a TikTok video. The popular app utilizes songs, visual filters, time effects, vocal effects, split screens, green screens, transitions, stickers, GIFs and emojis for users to create up to 60 second videos and share … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs PR Now

May 27, 2020Communication

One way or another, COVID-19 shook up your plans in both life and business, and you may find yourself scrambling to pick up the pieces. The good news is, your PR team can help get your business back on track. Here are 5 reasons why PR is important in the midst of a crisis.   … Read More

5 Things To Do Now in Your Business As We Flatten The Curve

April 29, 2020Communication

Since January, we have watched Covid-19 grow to a global pandemic responsible for upending our economy, our workplace, and family life. It’s tested any sense of normalcy, and while we adjust to working from home, we’re balancing deadlines with diaper duty and home-schooling our kids or caring for a loved one from afar, all while … Read More

Communicating From Home: 5 Tips for Showing Up Well

April 15, 2020Communication

As our days working from home stretch out ahead of us (and perhaps our grooming and work habits become a bit lax), what we cannot afford to slack on is our communication. Your work wardrobe may have gone casual, but your communication style absolutely cannot. The current situation: stressful times, fluid information, and distributed teams, … Read More

4 Key Social Media Takeaways From SMMW2020

March 19, 2020Social Media

In a fast-changing world, social media seems to work at the same speed or even faster. At Double Forte, we work hard to understand the current landscape, and the new tactics and best practices for each platform. In an effort to continue to learn, our team recently attended Social Media Marketing World 2020 (SMMW2020) in … Read More

Over-Communicate In Fluid Situations

March 11, 2020Communication

The news on the Coronavirus is like a tsunami for everyone right now. What is it? Who’s at risk? What to do? What not to do? The market volatility spurred by the virus spread and then the Opec-Russia oil dispute isn’t helping things. Next to “Fluid Situation” in the dictionary is this situation.  What do … Read More

4 Steps To Breaking Through With Transparent Communication

February 20, 2020Communication

It’s no secret we live in a world where consumers are overwhelmed with the number of  choices they have almost every product category. With “substitutes and alternatives available at every turn,” it’s crucial that your brand stands out. Successful brands with longevity communicate with simple and transparent language why consumers should choose their option over … Read More