Can the Wine Industry Survive?

January 25, 2023Marketing, Wine & Spirits

It’s Groundhog Day for the wine industry. Last week Rob McMillan, EVP at Silicon Valley Bank and Founder of the bank’s wine division, delivered his 22nd State of the Wine Industry Report, and as expected, the wine industry continues to have a marketing problem. Double Forte touched on this same issue in a blog post … Read More

Marketing Wine from a Difficult Vintage

July 6, 2022Food & Bev, Marketing

By Patricia Denci The allure of wine is how it changes in the bottle from one vintage to the next. Even within the exact same vineyard, grapes and winemaking techniques vary from year to year as Mother Nature leaves her indelible mark on each vintage. Some years prove to be more challenging than others. As … Read More

Welcome to the Never Normal

January 19, 2022Marketing

If 2020 was the new normal, and 2021 was the next normal, that must make 2022 the never normal. So how do we proceed? Instead of crawling across the finish line, we started the year limping out of the gate. If we can’t count on normal – at least not with any foreseeable or predictable … Read More

Media: Friend or Foe

June 2, 2021Communication, Marketing, Public Relations

The tennis at The French Open is just getting into full swing, but the drama is already swirling off the courts. The world’s highest paid female athlete, Naomi Osaka announced that she would not be talking to journalists at the tournament due to mental health concerns. Following her announcement, the tournament organizers issued a statement … Read More

Everything Speaks: Inauguration Edition

January 27, 2021Communication, Marketing

By Patricia Denci This past Wednesday, Americans were glued to their TV sets watching the inauguration of the 46th President of The United States, Joe Biden. Beyond the words of the presidential oath, the fashion and symbols used during the inauguration by the President, Vice President and attendees spoke volumes. As The New York Times … Read More

What Brands Can Learn from Kohl’s Holiday Commercial

November 11, 2020Marketing

Not many people are feeling like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and never has the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” carried such gravitas. So, the question brands need to be asking themselves is how can I prevent my customer from having a “Blue Christmas?” The answer is quite simple: copy Kohl’s! … Read More