The Golden Age of Social Media is Over

May 16, 2023Uncategorized

For the first time since they took over our lives, social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter, are either on the brink of a mass exodus (through a government-wide ban that will put many more things at risk if passed as currently written) or extinction (due to Elon Musk’s controversial and lackluster takeover), respectively. Meta, … Read More

Top 5 Tips To A Successful Influencer Campaign

April 5, 2023Uncategorized

By Mollie Leal Although the social media industry is ever-changing, influencer marketing is a growing industry and a valuable promotional tool for businesses. Shopify reported that 61% of consumers put trust in influencers’ recommendations–far outweighing the 38% who trust branded social media content alone.  According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing market grew to … Read More

Trendwatch 2023: Pragmatic Realism is the way forward

March 15, 2023Uncategorized

  We like to wait to share our views on general trends for the year. First, by now, some of the prognostications pundits made in December have been proved right or wrong; second, we use the collective intelligence from all of our annual plans for our clients to inform our point of view; and third, … Read More

The road to coverage is paved with…

February 22, 2023Uncategorized

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” In public relations, it’s both. We exist to help good companies achieve their business goal through communications. The destination, very often, is favorable coverage in a prominent (read national) media outlet that reaches the company’s most important stakeholders. The journey to that shining piece … Read More

4 Ways to Generate Buzz and Media Attention at Your Next Event

February 8, 2023Uncategorized

By: Catherine Bormann 2023 is the year in-person events will make their official comeback, well sort of. One thing is certain, zoom fatigue is real and consumers are ready to experience brands in-person again. In fact, a survey by Event Marketer determined that 83% of Americans said that they miss attending in-person conferences. If brands … Read More

4 Trends and Predictions for News Media in 2023

January 18, 2023Uncategorized

by Gabriel Muñoz We’re less than 30 days into 2023 and there seems to be an influx of unfortunate, scary and strange events happening all at once around the world. From an ongoing war in Ukraine, the (almost) three-year-old COVID-19 pandemic ravaging China, atmospheric rivers flooding the West Coast, billionaire and Twitter CEO/owner Elon Musk … Read More

Communications Trends to Watch for 2023

January 11, 2023Uncategorized

After the last few years, trying to predict anything is a gamble, but what the heck? We’ll give it a try. Here are the communications trends we’re watching for 2023 along with our counsel for capitalizing on them. Traditional Media Continues to Lose Traction, Owned Channels Gain Traction According to the US Census Bureau, in … Read More

Yeehaw! The Media Landscape Is the Wild West of PR

October 18, 2022Uncategorized

The ongoing evolution of the media, particularly earned media (stories you don’t pay for), has always been a given. Even so, we used to work with reliable assumptions we knew to be true.  “Used to” being the operative phrase! But after the last two and a half years, those reliable assumptions, like so many other … Read More