In Defense of the Office Icebreaker

By Emily Smith At Double Forte, we end our weekly staff meetings with a team member conducting a ‘Rally Cry.’ It’s a fun ritual that brings the meeting to a close and allows us to continue to get to know our colleagues better. Over the years, the rally cries have ranged from industry specific questions,…

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Improvement Through Inclusion

Promote better culture through inclusion

Becoming An Upstander, Not A Bystander In Karen Catlin’s book, Better Allies, she addresses the challenges marginalized groups of people face at work, how to spot them along with actionable solutions. In order to do this successfully, Catlin provides practical steps on the path to allyship. Her experience as a woman in tech and years…

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What Would You Do If Failure Wasn’t An Option?

Written by Duncan Lowe All eyes were on Joe Kowalke, our senior account manager, as he stood in front of a semi-circle of Double Forte employees. “What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?” he said, repeating the question twice to emphasize its gravity. Every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Double Forte ends our internal…

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